Associazione dello Staats

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Our mission is to celebrate their dedication and commitment by organizing an exceptional "Staatsfeier" and thereby creating many beautiful memories. Through our planning and attention to detail, we aim to create an atmosphere of joy and appreciation. Our colleagues will be greeted with warmth and excitement, setting the tone for an afternoon filled with laughter, inspiration, and well-deserved recognition. For the occasion, we have planned captivating speeches and delicious food to ensure that all intellectual and physical needs are met. As fellow medical students, we understand the sacrifices and challenges they have faced on their journey and it is our honor to celebrate their success in style.

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Make your name known to a new generation of doctors who are dedicated to improving the world. Show your commitment to this shared goal by joining us and gaining recognition through our association. We provide opportunities to have your company's name displayed on our website, Instagram, and most notably, at our grand celebration. At our big event, your name will be seen by the top senior doctors in southern Switzerland. Join us in making a difference and establishing your presence among this esteemed group of healthcare professionals.


We aim to create not only a worthy conclusion of six years of hard studying but also a yearbook to revel the good and more challenging times we lived through. The yearbook is going to include pictures and quotes from every student and some of the key moments we had as a group.
You as a sponsor also get to promote your products and ideas in our yearbook and we will do our best to put you in the spotlight, to be seen by all of our students and their families.

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